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IEC 61508 Functional Safety

Functional Safety is concerned with products or systems whose failure to operate reliably could harm people or the environment.

IEC 61508 is the accepted international standard that deals with the functional safety of electrical or electronic (including software-based) safety-related systems. The reliability of such systems is determined by the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) of the safety function they perform.

Increasingly, certification to IEC 61508, 61511 and other related standards is being encouraged by regulatory authorities and sought by end-users as a way of minimising risk and demonstrating best practice.

In contracts involving safety-related systems, IEC 61508 is often a prerequisite, marking the leaders out from the competition.

Sira is accredited by UKAS to undertake its certification activities in accordance with the CASS Scheme, and is committed to helping its customers promote their products and services in the international market, with the highest level of credibility with regard to functional safety. 

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