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IECEx and Worldwide Approvals

The Future Route to Global ComplianceIEC  IECEx

The IECEx Scheme is the future route to global compliance certification. Its aim is to harmonise standards to allow free movement of goods by establishing a world-wide accepted standard. This will result in a single set of standards, a single certificate and a single mark.

The benefits of the scheme are obvious – shorter certification lead-times, and the opening up of new markets with no (or very little) need for additional testing and assessment to satisfy national standards.

Why IECEx is Important to you

The fact that many countries operate under different standards means that Ex equipment often needs to be re-tested and re-certified to the appropriate standards of that country, adding to the cost of the equipment.

The IECEx scheme significantly reduces the need for re-testing and certification by conforming to international IEC standards, and therefore makes international trade easier, quicker and more cost effective.

The IECEx Process

Sira is an Accepted Certification Body (ACB) and Test Laboratory (ExTL) and as such can assess your product to the relevant standards, resulting in the compilation of an IECEx Ex Test Report (ExTR).

This report can then be presented to an ACB in another participating country to facilitate the process of national certification. The ACB in question will then issue the relevant certification to enable you to enter that market.

The following countries have signed up to the IECEx Scheme:

Australia Germany New Zealand South Africa
Canada Hungary Norway Sweden
China India Romania Switzerland
Czech Republic Italy Russia UK
Denmark Japan Serbia and Montenegro USA
Finland Korea Singapore
France Netherlands Slovenia

Please note that currently, the ATEX directive is required for entry into European Markets.

Therefore, IECEx may offer a quicker and more cost-effective route for establishing a foothold in countries that may traditionally have been expensive in both time and cost when trying to sell your product into individual market segments.

Quality Assurance Requirements

Under the terms of the IECEx Scheme, a Quality Assessment Report (QAR) is also required, which involves a site audit to examine quality management procedures. This is a mandatory requirement of the scheme.

If you hold an ATEX QAN with Sira, then obtaining a QAR can be a simple process, not requiring the need for further audits.

For further information about IECEx QAR, please click here

The Sira Service

As an established and experienced IECEx CB, Sira is well equipped to offer you the support and guidance you need to gain IECEx approval.

We can carry out all test/assessment work required, and issue a test report, which is ready to submit to the ACB in the participating country you wish to enter.

If this work is carried out at the same time as an ATEX project, we can also combine the work, significantly reducing certification costs.

Sira can also carry out QAR audits to ensure you fully meet scheme requirements, offering a 
Total Solution Service for all your IECEx requirements.

For more information please download our IECEx datasheet by clicking here

For a formal, fixed price quotation, please fill in the relevant sections of our request for quotation form, a copy of which can be downloaded by clicking here

To visit the official IECEx website, please log onto

IECEx Service Facility Programme

Sira has also achieved Approved IECEx Certification Body status for the IECEx Service Facility Programme, enabling us to issue certificates of conformity covering service facilities for the repair and overhaul of Ex equipment. Click here for more details.

International Approvals

Sira works closely with International approvals bodies to offer a quick and cost-effective route into world-wide markets. For more information on Sira's International approval scope, please click here  

The IECEx Certification of Personnel Competencies Scheme

The IECEx Certification of Personnel Competencies Scheme is the world’s first international scheme for the certification of personnel associated with equipment, installations and servicing used by Ex industries. More information on the scheme can be found here

For more information about the IECEx Scheme please email or tel +44 (0) 1244 670 900