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Sira services for China

A Total Compliance Solution for China-based Clients

Sira has developed a range of services tailored to meet the needs of our China-based clients. By using Sira as your principal certification body, we can ensure that you meet all your compliance requirements, and help you grow your company by entering European and International market places in a cost-effective way, giving you the edge in international market segments.

The below information is also available in Mandarin as a downloadable datasheet, as well as a range of other datasheets discussing methods of protection:

Mandarin Datasheets

Sira Services for Chinese Clients
Methods of Protection - Flameproof Ex d
Methods of Protection - Intrinsic Safety  Ex ia
Methods of Protection - Increased Safety Ex e
Methods of Protection - Purged & Pressurisation Ex p

Who is Sira?

Sira is a European ‘Notified Body’ that is able to issue compliance certificates for all types of hazardous area equipment.

ATEx CE0518  IEC Ex

We offer testing and certification services to help manufacturers design, manufacture and supply equipment that is intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and, because Sira has a team of highly experienced and dedicated engineers, we offer a single point contact for all your testing and certification needs.

With an impressive portfolio of clients from small independent companies to global multinationals, Sira is well placed to offer the support and guidance needed to complete conformity assessment requirements.

Our Key Service for European Markets

Product Certification

Manufacturers of equipment intended for use in ‘Hazardous Areas’ within the European Union (EU) must comply with the ATEX Directive (Directive 94/9/EC). The legislation includes assessment of non-electrical (mechanical) equipment as well as electrical items.

A compliance certificate is issued after successful completion of tests and assessments to relevant European standards. This certificate enables the manufacturer to sell their equipment within their given market.

For equipment placed outside of the EU, different national standards apply and Sira has the capability to certify equipment for many international markets. 

Typical types of equipment Sira has certified

Junction Boxes & Enclosures
Motors, Engines, Generators & Transformers
Flame Arrestors
Fuel Dispensers
Lamps and Luminaires
Spray Guns
Safety Barriers
Gas Detectors
Terminals and P.C.Bs
Mining Applications
Measuring, & Monitoring Equipment
Sensors and switches

Technical Support Service

Sira is also on hand to offer:

  • Advice on standards
  • Guidance for non-electrical equipment
  • Advice on Declaration of Conformity
  • Guide throughout the entire approval process

Other European Requirements

As well as ATEX, several other directives exist that your product may have to comply with, depending on its function. All these directives aim to facilitate free movement of goods throughout Europe. The directives are:

The EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Directive – aimed at manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipment

The LVD (Low Voltage) Directive – aimed at all electrical equipment for use between 50-1,500 volts

The PED (Pressure Equipment) Directive – aimed at manufacturers of pressure equipment

The Machinery Directive – aimed at manufacturers of machinery and safety components


Chinese and European Standards for Hazardous Area Equipment

Protection method Chinese Standard
& Europe/IEC standard
General requirements GB3836.1
IEC / EN 60079-0
Ex d flameproof GB3836.2
IEC / EN 60079-1
Ex p purged GB3836.5
IEC / EN 60079-2
Ex q powder GB3836.7
IEC / EN 60079-5
Ex o oil immersed GB3836.6
IEC / EN 60079-6
Ex m encapsulated GB3836.9
IEC / EN 60079-18
Ex e increased safety GB3836.3
IEC / EN 60079-7
Ex n non-sparking GB3836.8
IEC / EN 60079-15
Ex I intrinsic safety GB3836.4
IEC / EN 60079-11
Ex tD GB12476.1
IEC / EN 61241-0
IEC / EN 61241-1
Repair & overhaul GB3836.13
IEC / EN 60079-19

International Approvals

Sira enjoys excellent relationships with many world-leading certification & approval bodies. Under these reciprocal agreements we can test and assess products to national standards, then provide a test and assessment report to your nominated Certification Body, giving you a quick and cost effective route into markets throughout the world.

Sira also accepts test results from many international certification bodies, including those listed below, and can issue certificates to enable manufacturers to gain entry into European markets with the minimum of additional test work.

Currently, Sira has agreements in place with the following certification bodies:

Japan TIIS
Canada CSA
S.Africa SAEx
Australia Testsafe

Contacting Sira

The Sira Head Office and Test Laboratory are based in Chester, North West England, and our engineers will be happy to discuss your project with you. Please email or tel +44 (0) 1244 670 900.

To download the Sira services for Chinese clients datasheet in Mandarin, please click here

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a particular compliance project, please contact Sira directly

To contact Sira please email or tel +44 (0) 1244 670 900